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Making a list and checking it twice by Kyle Steed
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Don’t let your big projects overwhelm you: break them out into bite-sized pieces, where you define each smaller task clearly enough for you to start on.

Source: Build Your Own Productivity Style by Remixing the Best @ lifehacker

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  • Five Tips to Break Large Tasks Into Smaller Ones @ Entirely For You

    Excerpt: Divide milestone achievements into smaller goals. Now that you know that you want to go from milestone to milestone instead of planning a 10 year drive you can start to divide each medium term goal into smaller goals which now is a very easy thing to do. In the above home-based business example this would mean that you would break your first goal into smaller ones like : research business ideas -> compare business ideas with skills -> do a budget for each good looking business idea -> calculate the income potential for each one -> find potential customer base -> have business idea, budget and marketing research done. As you see, milestone achievements are easily broken into a subset of manageable tasks.

Photo: Making a list and checking it twice by Kyle Steed under Creative Commons license