Tips to prevent sunburn

To prevent sunburn, stay out of the sun between 11 and 3pm, cover yourself up with a hat and long but light clothes, and apply sunscreen to exposed skin.

Source: Want healthy skin? Avoid sun damage @ WebMD

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  • How to Prevent a Sunburn @ WikiHow

    Excerpt: Keep covered up. Floppy hats and large umbrellas work well but so do beach cover-ups and the like. Long-sleeved cotton shirts are excellent for hiking, cycling etc; see your sports store for special brands that allow breathing as well as cover-up.

  • Sunburn @ NHS Choices

    Excerpt: Avoid strong sunlight whenever possible, particularly when the sun is strongest, and cover up with loose clothing and a hat.

image: maialen protection search - CC by-sa - Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería