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Car driving in the snow image by Ebowalker
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Useful things to keep in the car: torch, loose change, first aid kit, handtools, water, rug, spare ‘phone charger, high-visibility vest and de-icer/ice scraper. You can get many of these from a £1 shop.

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  • Items to Keep in the Car @ The Student Room

    Excerpt: Roadside assistance card, Food, Drink, Medication, Warm clothes/hat/coat, Blanket, Torch with spare batteries, Hazard triangle/flares, Tow rope, Jump leads, Spark plugs, Spare fuses, Spare bulbs, Zip ties, Oil, Fire extinguisher, Spare tyre, Foot pump with gauge, Tyre foam (fixes small punctures), Wrenches (jack, lug torque etc), Handtools, e.g. screwdrivers, pliers, spanners, etc., Coolant hose repair kit, High visibility jacket, Shovel (to get rid of snow, etc.), Snow chains (winter), Disposable gloves, First aid kit.

image by Ebowalker under CC0 license