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It is sometimes possible to prevent the symptoms of hay fever by taking some basic precautions, such as: wearing wraparound sunglasses to stop pollen getting in your eyes when you are outdoors; change your clothes and take a shower after being outdoors to remove the pollen on your body; try to stay indoors when the pollen count is high (over 50).

Source: Hay fever @ NHS Choices

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  • Will it help if I avoid pollen? @

    Excerpt: It is impossible to avoid pollen totally. However, symptoms tend to be less severe if you reduce your exposure to pollen. The pollen count is the number of pollen grains per cubic metre of air. The pollen count is often given with TV, radio, internet, or newspaper weather forecasts. A high pollen count is a count above 50. The following may help when the pollen count is high: Stay indoors as much as possible and keep windows and doors shut. Avoid cutting grass, large grassy places, and camping. Shower and wash your hair after being outdoors, especially after going to the countryside. Wear wrap-around sunglasses when your are out. Keep car windows closed and consider buying a pollen filter for the air vents in your car. These should be changed at every service.

  • Hay fever @ Met Office

    Excerpt: Although it is very difficult to avoid exposure to pollen there are a number of measures you can take that will help you to minimise exposure and ease the severity of your hay fever symptoms. Following these steps may help provide some relief from your symptoms: Keep windows closed when at home and overnight. Most pollen is released in the early morning and falls to ground level in the evenings when the air cools. When outdoors, wear sunglasses to keep pollen out of your eyes. Hay fever sufferers can experience itchy eyes when coming into contact with pollen spores. It is recommended that for any outdoor tasks, such as gardening, hay fever sufferers should wear a mask. Avoid drying your clothes outside when pollen counts are high. If you do, shake items before bringing them inside. Keep car windows closed when driving and fit a pollen filter to reduce the impact of pollen spores. When indoors, there are a number of useful tips to reduce the impact of hay fever symptoms such as: vacuuming regularly, avoid bringing fresh flowers indoors, and be aware that pets can bring pollen in on their fur. Don’t allow smoking in the house as this will irritate the lining of your nose, eyes, throat and airways, making your hay fever symptoms worse. After being outside, shower and wash your hair to remove pollen.

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