How can I make a difference?

Respect Yourself has undertaken a major project to help young people improve their lives by providing useful information when making their own decisions.

As a non-profit organisation we can accomplish our aims through donations and help from our supporters, so please consider donating to our cause. Your help could change lives.

The young people who have signed up to receive the messages are asking for help. Your money is directly targeted at providing needed life guidance to someone who wants it and can use it. If even one of those messages helps them make a better decision in their situation, then you have enabled that to happen. The information we provide has the power to really influence young people’s lives for the better. Through your support we can reach out to more young people. We want to ensure that the next generation does not have the limitations of previous generations.


You can donate any amount, large or small, through PayPal by clicking the ‘donate’ button below.

Thank you.

Spread the word

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