Choose your coping mechanisms wisely!

by Joe Postings

My name is Joe. I am a 32 year old man. I decided to do a written piece for Respect Yourself because I was on their website checking out what they do and I was hooked by their aim…”helping young people develop skills, capacities and capabilities to participate in society”. Why does that mean so much to me?


I Am Not Ashamed

by Ross Trowbridge.

My name is Ross Trowbridge. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and I am not ashamed. First off, I want to preface my article by saying that I once was. I have an emotional intensity disorder that causes instability in moods, impulsive decisions, inability to maintain interpersonal relationships, and more. But I haven’t always had this diagnosis.


Using Your Voice for Mental Health

by mental health nurse Ashley Peterson.

Sometimes the things that are most important in life are the most difficult to talk about, especially when it comes to mental health. Yet all silence does is make the hard stuff even harder. The more we talk about mental health the easier it gets, and that’s how change can start to happen.


Do you want to be a bully or a hero?

by mental health campaigner and Respect Yourself ambassador Kiana James.

It’s amazing how many people have the same name as us, but would you like the name “bully”? A bully is not a nice name, but so many people are called bullies because they are bullies. Never do anything to get the name bully because it’s wrong and it is not something to be proud of. So many people are sad, afraid and feeling alone because of being bullied, and lots of people all over the world are being bullied – not just children but adults too, and they need to be saved.


There's No Need To Be So SAD!

by self-help expert Dr Pam Spurr.

Do you feel quite ‘blue’ during the autumn and winter? Or experience other things like:

  • wanting to curl up and hibernate
  • craving comfort foods
  • craving sweets
  • feeling less energetic
  • finding it hard to sleep
  • or want to nap all day?
  • you might crave cuddles or feel withdrawn from others
  • feeling a bit anxious even though you’re not under any more pressure than usual

…plus a number of other possible symptoms.


Respect Yourself needs your help!

Last year, eBay held a competition with a top prize of £7,000 for the winning charity. This year eBay are holding the competition again throughout October.

Respect Yourself has basic national running costs of around £2,000 a year, but no regular income other than member donations, so a prize would be a huge boost to the funds. Achieving one of the Top 3 spots will award us a prize. (more…)

Christmas Charity Fair @ Colney woodland, 5th Nov 2017

We’re running a Christmas Charity Fair at Colney woodland burial park. Entry is free and you can stock up on presents for your loved ones whilst supporting those in need at this time of year. Local charities will be selling crafts, gifts and Christmas cards.

The Fair is 10am – 2:30pm on Sunday 5th November 2017, and the address for your satnav is: Greenacres Colney, Watton Road, Norwich, NR4 7TY.

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