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Text message using mobile 'phone image by DariuszSankowski

On each mobile ‘phone network, there is a number you can call or text which will tell you the credit you have remaining. The major UK network numbers are listed below.

UK mobile ‘phone network operators

  • O2: Dial 4444 free from your mobile, or key *#10# then press the call button and your calltime balance will be shown on your display
  • Vodafone: 44555 for Pay Monthly customers; for Pay as you Go enter *#1345# followed by SEND from your pay as you go phone (free call), call 2345 from your Vodafone mobile (free call) or call the pay as you go credit line on 08700 778899 (this is a chargeable call) from any other phone
  • 3: Call 444 free from your Three phone
  • Orange: text BALANCE to 150
  • T-Mobile: text BA to 150
  • EE: text BALANCE to 150 for info on your credit balance and any allowances, or call 150 from your EE phone, or 07953 966 250 from any other phone

image by DariuszSankowski under CC0 license