General FAQ

Most messages are created within Respect Yourself – you can read who supplied the message at the bottom of each post – and all are edited in-house to ensure they fit with the Respect Yourself values. We are an independent organisation and are able to use messages supplied by other organisations provided they are common with our own aims.

Yes, absolutely! Please visit the Contact Us page and you may see it as a future message!

Please visit our contact us page for details of how to get in touch. We welcome offers for volunteering, and one of the most useful ways is to provide feedback on how our messages have changed or influenced your life.

All donations are gratefully received. Donating by PayPal is the easiest way, or you can contact us for other methods.

As a non-profit organisation run by volunteers, Respect Yourself relies on donations and help from our supporters. The money you give enables us to provide an important service. Your donation will help us continue to operate, and to grow into the future.[/raw] [/toggle]

Respect Yourself does not sell paid message space to advertise products or services on behalf of commercial companies, we provide independent information and choice.

The Respect Yourself service

Our daily message is published on social media and our smartphone app – please choose your preferred one from the How do I use the free service? page.

If you use the smartphone app you can simply uninstall it. For other channels, such as e-mail, there are unsubscribe instructions sent with each message.

If you are in immediate danger you must call 999. Whilst you can send us questions, feedback and suggestions, Respect Yourself does not replace an emergency service and is not manned 24 hours a day. We are an information and signposting service, we do not give advice or liaise with organisations on your behalf. If you need to talk to someone now, Childline is available now on 0800 1111, and calls are free and confidential.

Privacy Policy

For the detail of what information is collected through the use of our website and services, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

If a crime has been committed we are legally required to report it, although since the service is anonymous we are only able to provide limited details to the authorities.

Respect Yourself is legally bound to report to our local Children’s Services if you are under 18 and we believe you are at risk of harm. We will give them your contact details (if supplied), and will contact you to say this has been done. By receiving any aspects of the Respect Yourself service, you are agreeing to this.