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Almost anyone can have a Basic Bank Account. These are special accounts that allow you to pay wages, benefits and cheques into them free of charge, and allow you to set up direct debits – and you can’t take out more than is in there.


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  • Basic Bank Account @ Money Saving Expert

    Excerpt: As the name suggests these are just a place to store money and pay out of, without an overdraft facility or any in-credit interest. Yet some do give you a debit card, so you can make payments in stores and online and you should be able to set up direct debits – good news as this usually means you get things cheaper.

  • Types of bank account @ Direct.Gov

    Excerpt: With a basic bank account you get a cash card which you can use at a bank machine to withdraw cash. Some also offer a ‘debit card’ that you can pay for items with, and get ‘cashback’; but with a basic account these will only work if there’s enough money in your account. You don’t get a cheque book with a basic bank account, and you can’t take out more money than is in the account (‘go overdrawn’). For this reason basic bank accounts are useful for anyone worried about overspending.

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