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All girls born between 1st September 1990 and 31st August 1997 can have the vaccination that protects against cervical cancer. Girls born after this get the vaccination in Year 8 at school.

Source: HPV vaccination @ NHS


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  • The HPV vaccination programme @ Cancer Research UK

    Excerpt: In the UK, girls in year 8 at school (aged 12 to 13) are offered the HPV vaccine. Girls have three injections over 6 months. A letter about the vaccine and a consent form is sent to the parents of the girl before she has the vaccine. It is up to her whether she has the vaccine. If girls take up the vaccination at school, the programme will prevent at least 7 out of 10 cancers of the cervix (70%) and possibly even more in the future. But it takes between 10 and 20 years for a cancer to develop after HPV infection. So any benefits in reducing cervical cancer won’t be seen for quite a long time. But the number of cases of pre cancerous changes in the cervix (CIN) will fall quite rapidly.

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