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We recently asked for stories from the young people we support – what life experiences have they had that they want others to be able to learn from? Here’s some of the messages we received. Thanks to everyone who submitted some help, we’ll turn them into messages to send out soon!

Check taxis are actually licenced taxis before getting in.

Being positive is the best thing, dont think overly of yourself, just know youre good enough by anyone standards.

I learnt not to sneak around behind my parents back, because I got found out. So now I tell my mum where I’m going and what I’m doing. She might not like it, but at least she knows I’m safe, and where I am in case of an emergency!

If you ever lose someone close to you, family or close friend, then don’t just stop and break down because you’ll never get over it. Find someone to talk to and find a way of coping, keep going!

When in ur 1st job employers often ‘take the mickey’ with you, or expect u to know everything, speak to a trusted colleague about it and get some advice, then if the situation doesn’t improve speak to ur companys HR department or go to ur bosses boss. Don’t stand 4 it!! ;)