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by Claudia Roe.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend an event hosted by A Positive Image, at the House of Commons.

A Positive Image is a campaign to inspire confidence, focusing on who we are as people, not just based on our looks. Whilst at the event I listened to the views of others as to why it was such an important campaign and the way lack of confidence affects young people. One thought that stays in my head, is that some young people feel that they cannot even attend a party which they want to go to because of the fear of not having the right outfit or not having the confidence. I strongly believe that everyone should have the confidence to achieve and therefore I strongly support this campaign.

I also met some very inspiring people, such as Hannah Cockroft, who is a Double Paralympic Gold Medallist; it is great to see someone who has been so successful, supporting the campaign.

As part of the campaign, we were asked to spare an hour of our time to build confidence for young people; I am definitely going to do this, as I think just one hour could give a young person some confidence, which could help them reach their goals. If you are also interested in giving an hour of your time please visit the website to find out more: Positive Image: a campaign to inspire confidence

Special thanks to our volunteer Claudia for attending this event, who works at Norfolk Can Inspire.