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Respect Yourself smartphone app screenshot - daily message
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The Respect Yourself smartphone app is now available on the app stores!

You can download the Respect Yourself app for free on the Apple App Store (for iOS) and the Google Play store (for Android). Smartphones and tablets are supported.

The app will replace the text message service by 22nd Jan 2016, so you have plenty of time to switch over.

You’ll get a daily notification with today’s message subject, and when you enter the app you’ll get the full message. You can query the whole message library using your own search words, and share the messages with your friends. Internet connection required.

Download from your app store using the buttons below:
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Why are we replacing the text service?

We can send the daily message for free using our smartphone app, so we completely eliminate the cost of sending the text message and maintaining the SMS system. This was the main running cost for Respect Yourself.

We can send longer messages, so we can keep them in full English rather than having to sometimes use txt spk to fit them into a standard length SMS.

Best of all, you can now use the search box to query all of our previous messages to find exactly what you’re looking for – that’s over 4 years of daily messages at your fingertips!

How was the app funded?

The development of the app was funded using a grant from the Big Lottery, and also through a fundraising event run by the incredible Awarenesscraft. It was developed by Norwich-based Tipsy & Tumbler.