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Central heating systems may have a programmer (to set the on/off times), a thermostat (to turn it on if it falls below a specific temperature) or both. Fitting a thermostat could save you energy.


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  • Central heating controls | Boilers: Boiler and heating controls @ Which?

    Excerpt: A room thermostat switches the heating system on and off as necessary. It works by sensing the air temperature, switching on the heating when the air temperature falls below the thermostat setting, and switching it off when the temperature is reached.

  • Thermostats and controls @ Energy Saving Trust

    Excerpt: Room thermostats prevent your home getting warmer than it needs to be: they will turn the heating on until the room reaches the temperature you have set, and then off until the temperature drops. You don’t need to turn your thermostat up when it is colder outside; the house will heat up to the set temperature whatever the weather. It may take a little longer on colder days, so you might want to set your heating to come on earlier in the winter.

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