If you find it hard starting a large project, split it down into smaller tasks. This way, you can see progress, have more small successes, and learn to manage your time better.

Do a few small tasks a day and soon the whole thing will be complete.

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  • Five Tips to Break Large Tasks Into Smaller Ones @ Entirely For You

    Excerpt: If you are procrastinating on any of the “small tasks” it means that the task is not small enough now to stimulate you to actually get it done. One of the foremost reasons why people procrastinate is because tasks look too unmanageable so don’t be afraid to look back at the plan and change your scheme to make tasks even smaller. Some people do good with a list like the above while some end up with much more “digested” tasks that are far easier to achieve. It is a matter of knowing yourself and the task size you are able to achieve without feeling overwhelmed.