How to organise your important paperwork

When you get your own place to live, an Expanding File is incredibly useful. It’s a categorised folder that stores all your important paperwork, like mortgage documents, bank statements, guarantees and health papers. Finding them quickly when you need them is invaluable, and takes no time at all to keep current – just file docs as they arrive.

Key points

  • When you get a document, act on it straightaway – don’t let it get into a backlog.
  • Some documents can be binned as soon as you receive them, if there will never be any need to refer to them.
  • For the rest, Don’t Put It Down, Put It Away!
  • You will see the real value in using a simple filing system the first time you need to find an important document quickly.

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  • Practical Ways To Organize Paperwork @

    Excerpt: the key to organizing paperwork lies in: 1) Handling mail as it comes in, 2) Having a filing system, 3)Following a retention schedule.

  • How to Organize Your Paperwork @

    Excerpt: The first step to clearing your paper clutter, is to sort your papers into piles. You will want to throw away all papers that are old, outdated or no longer needed. Another pile will be for papers that need action – bills to pay, letters to mail, etc.. The third and final pile will be for papers that need to be filed. These papers will be further sorted into sub sub-categories such as bills, credit card statements, insurance documents, bank statements, articles to keep and taxes.

image: accordion file with cards by Stephanie Asher under Creative Commons license