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Campbell's Tinned Soup

A chinese takeaway is one meal at £7 per person. For the same amount you can buy a few days worth of food, and your money can go a lot further. Make yourself a fakeaway instead!

Key points

  • Making meals instead of buying them pre-made is often much cheaper.
  • Home-made meals are often healthier, and you know exactly what is going into them.
  • Batch cooking saves time and money – make too much and freeze what you don’t eat.
  • Try buying one supermarket brand level cheaper and see if you can tell the difference (Finest → supermarket brand → Value range)

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  • Family Finance: How to Save Money on Groceries @
    Excerpt: The first way to save money on food expenses – let’s face it – is to cook it yourself. Think of it this way: If someone cooks the food for you, how is it much different than hiring a cook or a house cleaner or a lawn mower or a clothes washer? Some times the “cook’ is Del Monte or Kraft, and the food is carried home in grocery bags. Other times, the “cook” is McDonald’s and is passed through drive-up windows or is delivered to your door. All ways, always, the cost of that labour is included in the prices we pay.
  • Fakeaways: Cook your own takeaways @ NetMums

    Excerpt: Eating in is the new eating out, so our fakeaway ideas are the ideal option for a special family meal at home. We all know that it’s lovely to eat out as a family, especially on special occasions, but unfortunately most of us can’t afford to do this as often as we’d like. A takeaway is a nice alternative, but again this can be quite expensive if you have several family members to feed, so try out our fakeaway recipes and suggestions for a fun (and cheap!) evening at home.

Image by Balougador (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons