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Plan your Sundays

If you are at school or work during the week, you may find Sunday a difficult day, as it is long and unstructured. Set a reminder for every Saturday morning to plan what you will do on Sunday. Get library books; plan a walking route; organise a visit.


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Work towards a goal

How much time do you waste on non-essential activities? Pick something you’ve always wanted to do but never thought you had the time, and put one hour a day towards it in place of no-value tasks.


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Manage your workload effectively

Two skills are important for managing your workload effectively: understanding the difference between nonessential tasks and critical tasks, and knowing how to prioritise your tasks in terms of importance and urgency.


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What is “busywork”?

“Busywork” is work that keeps someone busy but has little value in itself – it makes you look busy, or actually keeps you busy, and passes the time despite being essentially pointless.


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