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For small children you can make Christmas presents, such as sock puppets, fairy dust, a box of balloons or a framed photo of you making a snowman together.

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  • Homemade kids Christmas gifts @ Money Saving Expert Forums

    Excerpt: Snowshake jars are fairly simple, you need a tight fitting jar (i e the lid doesn’t leak when full of water and upended) stick a little ornament on the lid with superglue, leave for 24 hours to make sure dry and fill with water and glitter, if you want and you have some lying around you can seal the lid with a bit of sealant (like you use round the bath) to make sure it doesn’t leak. For the sewing kit, just put in some needles, threads, scissors, needle threader, few buttons, etc and few scraps of material to practice on in a nice little basket or case the basket i used was like a shell shape that has a lid, was 20p from a charity shop.

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    Excerpt: Check out these 100 easy homemade gift ideas for Christmas, a birthday, or any occasion. Using these ideas, you can give everyone you know a homemade gift this year. You should also take a few moments to check out my article listing gifts for him, her, teachers, kids, and more.

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