Planning a night out: get a lift home, have taxi money put aside, have an emergency number, always stay with someone. Know your limits.

Planning a night out before you go can help you have a safe night out with little extra effort. Here’s some simple tips.


  • be with a trusted friend who has agreed to take you home
  • always put aside enough money for a taxi ride home, just in case – this will mean you’ll never be stranded
  • have with you the number of someone you can call in an emergency
  • always stay with people – never walk home alone
  • you know what your limits are – staying within them gives you more control and reduces the risk of finding yourself in a dangerous situation

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  • A safe night out @ Safer Derbyshire

    Excerpt: There are a number of practical steps you can take to avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation or to avoid becoming a victim of crime: Plan your journey or night out. Make sure someone knows where you are going and what time you will be home. Think ahead – don’t walk home alone at night. Arrange in advance to stay with a trusted friend. Pre-book a taxi. When going to a pub, club or party, avoid going alone. Friends can watch out for each other. Appoint a nominated drink watcher (your non-drinking driver?). Alcohol does affect your actions and reactions, as well as your ability to be alert. Take care. Stay aware of what is going on around you and away from situations you do not feel comfortable with. Never accept a drink from anyone you do not completely trust.

  • Safer Students @ West Midlands Police

    Excerpt: When you go on a night out make sure you make it a night to remember for the right reasons! Here’s some simple advice to make sure that your great night out is also a safe night out. Plan your evening before you go, preferably pre-booking a taxi for your return journey. Go out in a group, stay in a group and return in a group. Try to have someone in the group that stays sober to make sure that everyone else is safe. Avoid mixing your drinks, and try to break up the evening with water (this will do wonders to help you avoid getting a hangover).


Message supplied by: Hayley, Respect Yourself supporter