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Studying by Steven S.
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It doesn’t matter where you study as long as the space is quiet, comfortable and distraction-free. Wherever you choose to study, put up motivating quotes, pictures, or anything else that makes you feel good.

Source: Good study habits @ State Library of Victoria

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  • Top 10 Study Tips @ Youth Central

    Excerpt: Your study space should be quiet, comfortable and distraction-free. It should make you feel happy and inspired. Decorate it with your favourite pictures or objects. If you want to listen to music or burn incense, pick a space that lets you do that.

  • How to Study For Exams @ wikiHow

    Excerpt: Study in a clean, quiet and orderly room. Keep anything and everything away from where you are that may cause you to get distracted. Jumping up to read a text message on your phone or periodically checking social media is ill-advised whilst studying.

image: Studying by Steven S. under Creative Commons license