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Rogue apps on smartphones send text messages secretly to premium-rate numbers. Monitor your ‘phone and bill regularly for any unusual activity.

Often masquerading as free levels to popular and legitimate online games, or even as security tools, these rogue apps disguise malicious software (malware) which the user unwittingly downloads at the same time.

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  • Rogue Apps Sting Smart Phone Users in Premium Rate SMS Scam @ Get Safe Online

    Excerpt: Once downloaded, this malware enables fraudsters to take control of the victim’s phone, allowing them to make calls, send and intercept SMS and voicemail messages, and browse and download online content. This enables them to gain access to all personal and payment data available on the phone – which can then be sold onto and used by identity fraudsters – and to spam other mobile web users to commit further fraud.

Message supplied by: Catherine @ National Fraud Authority