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Having a criminal record makes it very difficult applying for jobs, any type of insurance, a mortgage, study courses and being able to travel abroad. Many companies and countries will refuse you.

Even a small conviction for fighting or shoplifting can have a major impact.

  • There are large number of professions where convictions can never be spent and must be disclosed, including doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers and police officers.
  • If a student is applying for health, social care and education courses they will be refused a place if they have a criminal conviction. If they are already on a course they could be asked to leave.
  • If a traveller abroad wants a work or residential permit it can be harder because information about previous convictions and proof of good character is required.
  • There is a duty to disclose unspent convictions in an application for a mortgage. If a potential homeowner does not there could be consequences because the mortgage agreement will have been broken.
  • You may well be refused insurance entirely or you may find that premiums are sky-high.

Source: BBC News

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