If you have worked continuously for the same employer for two years or more, you should be entitled to statutory redundancy pay based on salary, age and length of service.

Source: Money Advice Service


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  • Entitlement to redundancy pay @ Direct.Gov

    Excerpt: You have the right to a statutory redundancy payment if you are an employee who has worked continuously for your employer for at least two years and you are being made redundant. Statutory redundancy pay is also due when a fixed-term contract of two years or more expires and is not renewed because of redundancy. You do not have to claim statutory redundancy pay from your employer, they should automatically pay it to you. If your employer does not give you statutory redundancy pay when you are entitled to it you should write to them asking for payment. If your employer still refuses to pay you or cannot make the payment you could make an appeal to an Employment Tribunal.

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