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Every time you use the internet from any device, all your activities are traceable back to you via your IP address.

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is an address for a computer on the Internet, which exists to allow data to be delivered to that computer. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) allocates an IP address to you each time you connect, and records that you have that IP address at that time against your account.

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  • Are IP addresses personal? @ Google Public Policy Blog

    Excerpt: If you’re an ISP and you assign an IP address to a computer that connects under a particular subscriber’s account, and you know the name and address of the person who holds that account, then that IP address is more like personal data.

  • 6 Digitally Traceable Tracks We Unconsciously Leave Behind @ Marc and Angel Hack Life

    Excerpt: When you connect to the Internet you are assigned a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address that allows your computer to communicate with others. Your IP address is fairly easy to trace. Your IP address is logged by every web server you visit and associated with every email you send. There are numerous websites that offer free IP lookup services capable of telling someone the city, state and Internet service provider for any given IP address. How do you think the RIAA tracks down all those vicious (just kidding) 14 year old peer to peer music pirates?

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