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Get in the habit of re-starting when you falter. Have a back-up plan, a ‘get back up and keep moving’ plan. Find an incentive, motivation, accountability, and an alternative strategy for when you get stuck.

Source: Mini-Mission: Learn These Four Habits…to Form Better Habits @ Productive Life Concepts

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  • The Four Habits that Form Habits @

    Excerpt: Get some accountability – promise a friend or your spouse that you’ll pay £25 if you miss your new habit two days in a row … and then double that the next day (£50), and double that if you miss four days in a row (£100), and double every day you miss in a row after that. Or promise to mow someone’s lawn or wash their car if you miss three days in a row. Tell everyone on Facebook that you’ll personally clean their bathrooms if you miss three days in a row.

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