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14 year old young carer helping her mom walk

In the UK, 244,000 people under 19 are carers, caring for their parents, siblings and family members. In England, 1 in 12 young carers spend more than 15 hours a week looking after a parent or sibling, and 1 in 20 misses school.

Source: Young carers: Quarter of a million children provide care for others @ BBC News / Education & Family

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  • Report reveals impact on young carers @ The Children’s Society

    Excerpt: The Children’s Society’s Chief Executive, Matthew Reed, said: ‘This new figure is shocking enough, but we know from years of working with young carers that it is likely to be just the tip of the iceberg. Many often incredibly vulnerable young carers are slipping through the net, undetected by the support services they so desperately need.

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