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In the summer, heat can make eczema rashes more itchy, sweat can dry your skin out, and allergies/chlorinated swimming pool water/sunlight may trigger it.

Source: Summer Prevention for Eczema Symptoms @ Everyday Health

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  • Eczema and Summer @ CoSozo

    Excerpt: This article will focus on the triggers and treatment of eczema during the summer. For some, summer is a time of relief from their fight with eczema yet others may continue to struggle. The exposure to sun and water increases the moisture loss in the skin which in turn triggers eczema flares. Higher temperatures and humidity result in the inability of the body to absorb sweat. Sweat is salty and pulls more moisture from the skin as it dries. This dryness triggers a cascade of events leading to dry, itchy, and bumpy papules on the skin.

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    Excerpt: Eczema – an irritating rash that is often triggered by allergies – is generally considered a cold-weather condition, since the combination of dry air and indoor heat can leave skin extra parched and irritated. But summer can make eczema worse for many children, for several reasons: …

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