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Postnatal depression is not a sign that you’re a bad mother or are unable to cope. Postnatal depression is an illness and you need to get help – and help is available.

Source: Feeling depressed after childbirth @ NHS Choices

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  • Understanding postnatal depression @ Mind

    Excerpt: It can come on gradually or all of a sudden, and can range from being relatively mild to very hard-hitting. There is some evidence that about half of these women are afraid to tell health visitors about the way they are feeling because they are afraid it will lead to social services taking away their children, or that they would be seen as bad mothers.

  • Postnatal depression – Treatment @ NHS Choices

    Excerpt: The most important first step in managing postnatal depression is recognising the problem and taking action to deal with it. The support and understanding of your partner, family and friends plays a big part in your recovery.

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