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Postnatal depression is a type of clinical depression which can affect women typically after childbirth. Symptoms include a feeling of hopelessness or unable to cope, loss of interest in the baby

Source: Feeling depressed after childbirth @ NHS Choices

Symptoms of postnatal depression

  • feelings of hopelessness and not being able to cope
  • loss of interest in the baby
  • not being able to stop crying


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  • Understanding postnatal depression @ Mind

    Excerpt: You may go through one or more of the following experiences, although it’s extremely unlikely that you will go through all of them: feeling very low, or despondent, thinking that nothing is any good, that life is a long, grey tunnel, and that there is no hope; feeling tired and very lethargic, or even quite numb. Not wanting to do anything or take an interest in the outside world; a sense of inadequacy; feeling unable to cope; feeling guilty about not coping, or about not loving the baby enough.

  • Postnatal depression – Symptoms @ NHS Choices

    Excerpt: Many mothers do not recognise they have postnatal depression, and do not talk to family and friends about their true feelings. It’s therefore important for partners, family members and friends to recognise signs of postnatal depression at an early stage. Warning signs include: They frequently cry for no obvious reason. They have difficulties bonding with their baby. They seem to be neglecting themselves – for example, not washing or changing clothes.

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