If you are unemployed and have too much time on your hands, use it by learning a new, employable skill. Work at it for a few hours each day, and soon you will become proficient.

New skills are best learned experientially – when you do it hands-on.

Where can I learn a new skill for free?

  • your local Job Centre may hold free or funded courses. If you do one of these, make sure when it finishes you have a next step in taking the skill further.
  • you may be able to get a grant for a specific course.
  • find a local expert and ask about apprenticeship – experts want to pass on their knowledge, and learning by having a dedicated teacher is the best way.
  • your local library is full of free resources – notably books, but also the internet.
  • use free online resources. Find websites run by experts in the field. Become active on their forums, learning from other experts’ experience and asking questions to raise your own skill level. Watch videos and masterclasses on Youtube.

Further help

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Message supplied by: Rich @ Respect Yourself