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Mirror mirror by Guillermo Alonso

You’ll get back the attitude you put out. Put out a positive attitude and people will tend to mirror it back to you. Your behaviour and actions influence the people around you.

Dennis and Wendy Mannering (keynote speakers for corporate leadership training) famously said “Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?”

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  • Warning! Your Attitude Is Reflected In The Mirror Of Life @ Positive Articles

    Excerpt: Your mental state influences your behaviour and your actions – when you have a good attitude, positive actions are easy to take, when you have a negative attitude, everything seems too difficult! Your behaviour and actions influence people around you and the results you get in life – if you are always negative and pessimistic you are going to find that most of the people you attract into your life are like you. If a negative attitude means that you don’t “get things done”, you are not going to create the life you really want.

Message supplied by: Paddy @ Eternity Norwich

Photo: Mirror mirror by Guillermo Alonso under Creative Commons license