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Online volunteering allows you to do voluntary work to help those in need, at a time that suits you from your own home. Share your skills with those who really need them.

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  • Change the World – by volunteering over the internet @ UN Volunteers

    Excerpt: Everyone can make a difference. Share your skills, knowledge and ideas – from a computer anywhere in the world.

  • Ever considered online volunteering? @ World Volunteer Web

    Excerpt: For individuals, there are many appeals to online volunteering. You learn about other countries, and learn about issues faced by the developing world. You can exercise skills you are learning in school or for your workplace. Online volunteering allows you to take on roles and responsibilities your professional work may not provide. It may allow an expatriate to reconnect with and provide help to his or her homeland. As online volunteer you can provide service at whatever time of day is convenient, without having to change clothes, drive a car or ride a bus somewhere, look for a parking place or find a place to stay for the evening. Online volunteering offers you a really convenient way to make a difference.