Get involved in your local community

You can play a bigger role in your local community if you want to improve your area, make a positive impact on the lives of those around you or help to foster a greater sense of neighbourhood. Speak to your local council about any projects you’d like to get involved in.

Source: Getting involved with your community @ Belfast City Council

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  • About @ Be the Cause

    Excerpt: Be the Cause is a Network of individuals who not only wish to make a difference in the world, but also wish to change their own lives in the process. Realizing that change must first begin with ourselves, each project that Be the Cause coordinates meets a clearly defined need, but also gives participating volunteers an opportunity to be inspired and feel fulfilled.What first started as a few friends meeting on a regular basis has now grown into a volunteer-run social network. Since conception in 2002, Be the Cause has organized over 400 projects in numerous countries all through the efforts of volunteers alone. Although this force has probably contributed Millions of Dollars in volunteer hours, its impact is still measured by the changes that take place in our tiny little hearts.

  • How do you get involved with your local community? @ Community Channel

    Excerpt: Are you under 25 and involved in a local community project? If you’re involved in community media, volunteering or youth clubs, we want to hear your stories and help break down the barriers to greater community involvement.

Photo: VISIONS Service Adventures, Montana, community service summer programs by VISIONS Service Adventures under Creative Commons license