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Happy by Jeroen Werkman

You can feel enough

There’s no “one size fits all” way to feel comfortable and enough within ourselves. There are many different paths to the same destination, and the right path for us is the one that fits our values, feels truthful, and helps us connect with whom we truly are.


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Not Good Enough by Saku Takakusaki

Challenge your inner critic

Gently challenge your inner critic by asking “Is that really true?”, “What are the other alternatives here?”, “How would I respond if my best friend was telling me this?” and “Who would I be without this belief? What would I do differently?”


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Like thumb heart love affection image by geralt

What is an “inner mentor”?

Your inner mentor shows you things you can improve, in a very different tone to your inner critic. They balance constructive criticism with acknowledging everything you’re getting right, asking open questions like “How could you approach that differently in the future?”


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those are strong words for such a weak person by S Packwood

Quieten your inner critic

Your inner critic highlights all the things you’re doing wrong, usually with a big helping of shame and judgement on the side. You can learn to turn down the volume on this part of your internal dialogue and turn up the volume on your “inner mentor”.


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