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Who should I talk to about an issue?

It’s important that you can trust the person you decide to speak with about a situation. This could be a friend, someone older, a family member, teacher, counsellor, doctor or nurse. If they don’t have the experience to provide the support you need, they could refer you to a specialist.


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Talk through your concerns

Talking through your concerns can be a great way to vent and release pent-up tension. Just “getting the problem out” can help you feel better. Not only does it feel great, but it can also give you new insights into what’s happening in your life.


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Put things in perspective

If you’ve been keeping a situation to yourself, it may seem more overwhelming than it actually is. The person you talk with might help you see the situation in a new or different perspective, and will be more neutral about what’s going on if the outcome won’t affect them personally.


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