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If you are found to have failed to purchase or renew a road tax disc, you will be fined £80. Failure to pay this can result in a County Court Judgement, or having your vehicle clamped. It is difficult to escape paying road tax, as the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Agency (DVLA) runs monthly computer checks.

Source: Driving without Insurance, Tax or MOT @ No Penalty Points

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    Excerpt: If you’re driving or storing your car on a public road you need to pay road tax (also known as vehicle tax or car tax). To show that your tax is up to date you need to display a valid tax disc in your front window. Road tax can be renewed 6-monthly or yearly, depending how much you want to pay at one time. It is almost impossible not to pay road tax now, if you are the registered owner of a car. The DVLA does monthly checks for untaxed cars and will send you an £80 fine within 4-6 weeks of your tax running out. The fine is reduced to £40 if you pay within a month, but can increase to £1000 if you continue to drive without a valid tax disc, and your car may be clamped.

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