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Responsible job by studio tdes

Working as part of a team helps your project benefit from other people’s skills that you don’t have. Teamworking is a learnable skill in itself.

The ability to work effectively in a team is essential in most jobs.

Key points for teamwork

  • Make a team charter – this sets out the goals to be achieved for the project, how you will allow everyone to effectively communicate, and how you will resolve conflict
  • Teamwork is all about communication: getting your ideas across, and effectively discussing other people’s ideas
  • Listen to others – there will be other right ideas and views which differ to your own. You won’t have the only right ideas
  • Don’t take things personally if others don’t agree with your ideas
  • Find out what people are good at at then assign roles accordingly: determine strengths and work with them
  • Set deadlines for everyone, to establish clear boundaries
  • Stay positive – you’re all trying to achieve the same goal, and working together will get this done much more effectively

Source: Power To Change

image: studio tdes | CC BY