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Trust your revision

Try to avoid discussing the course and content before and after the exam. Your coursemates comments may make you more nervous or confused. Trust your knowledge and your revision, and focus on your work.


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Healed people, heal people

Hurt people hurt people, however healed people heal people. If you work on your issues and work towards healing, you will feel able to go out into the world and spread that good energy that comes from you feeling healed.


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Understand others’ viewpoints

We should stop ourselves from jumping to conclusions and not let misunderstandings become false facts we pass judgement on. Instead, commit to simply asking questions and then seek to understand one another’s views to eliminate grudges before they begin.


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Two Enemies by Deornelas4

Don’t jump to conclusions

Jumping to conclusions and holding a grudge is like locking yourself in prison for a crime you think someone else committed, and doing it before you’ve even investigated to know if a crime actually took place or not.


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Relax. by Annita Wheeler

Learn to relax

Throughout the day, take “minibreaks.” Sit down and get comfortable, slowly take a deep breath in, hold it, and then exhale very slowly. At the same time, let your shoulder muscles droop, smile, and say something positive like, “I am r-e-l-a-x-e-d.”


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Stress management techniques

To manage stress you can: learn to relax; take a deep breath; practise acceptance; talk rationally to yourself; get organised; exercise; manage your time; have quiet time; watch your habits; know your limits; talk to others about it; practise visualisation.


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Problems can be solved

Sometimes the solution is obvious – you know what you need to do to fix the problem. Other times, the solutions are not clear and you’ll need to consider lots of possible options before you can find the best one. There are ways to deal with most problems.


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Solution! by Katie Inglis

Problems are a normal part of life

Some think of problems as challenges; some see them as burdens that they are powerless to resolve. Your willingness & ability to solve problems has an effect on the way you feel, largely determining if you become frustrated, despondent or depressed or not.


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I'm Sorry by Leyram Odacrem

Take responsibility for your anger

Beating yourself up over lashing out at someone isn’t going to help you or the person you hurt. Instead, take responsibility for your actions, apologise sincerely (because if they matter, you truly will be sorry) and keep moving forward.


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