If you have to change personality in order to be accepted in a relationship, you’re not being accepted for who you are. Is this the right relationship for you to be in right now?

It’s perfectly natural to grow once in a relationship. In fact, growing individually and together is a key part of life. It’s up to you about how much and when you need to change or grow – sometimes it will be a concious decision, sometimes it will just happen.

The key point is – it’s up to you. Validate who has suggested the change, and why – and crucially, what benefits for your life can you see coming directly from the change? Which would be the better outcome, changing or not?

If the change will help you grow, visualise what it would be like once you’re there, and then change your steps to get there. Even small steps get you closer.

Message supplied by: Paddy @ Eternity Norwich

Expanded by: Rich @ Respect Yourself