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Walking Between Trees by Stanley Zimny

Focus on small, present things

If your pet has died, try not to obsess over “When am I going to get over this?”. Instead, focus on small steps in your adjustment process: put away the leash; be able to pass the park without getting upset; and, eventually, feel the urge to get a new one.


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Family by Shaun Martin

Choose your own views

If you simply can’t find a way to compromise with parents, you might find you have to ‘agree to disagree’. Remember that you can have your own opinions, based on your own experience, beliefs and values – whether or not you accept your parents’ or guardians’ views is up to you.


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Arguments by Jeff Eaton

Explain how you feel

Listen to what your parents or guardians have to say and accept that their point of view may be as valid as yours. If talking to them seems impossible, it can be helpful to send an e-mail or write a letter, explaining how you feel. You can also try a mediator or family counselling.


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Arguments by Jeff Eaton

Use “I feel” statements

In family meetings, avoid being sarcastic and making personal comments. Be honest and try using “I feel” comments: “when you keep telling me I need to get good results to get into college, I feel really stressed and overwhelmed”.


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Family by Shaun Martin

Have uninterrupted family meetings

If you need to have a family meeting, try and find a time when no one is angry, upset, stressed or tired. Find somewhere you can sit without being interrupted by the phone, TV or other people. Be willing to compromise and have a number of options you’re willing to accept.


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Family by Shaun Martin

Sit and talk through issues

With family conflict, sitting down and talking about the situation may seem stressful. It could ease the situation if they see you are being ‘mature’ and taking the first step. It can also be a great way of sorting through issues and coming to an arrangement that works for all of you.


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Violence against women, we can stop it! by European Parliament

Parents can feel pressure

Your parents or guardians might be worried and stressed about things unrelated to you such as work, relationships or money that can affect how they talk and act with you. They can also feel pressure from expectations from their own parents, family and their community about “being a good parent”.


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Dirty hair by Lucia Sanchez

There’s No Need To Be So SAD!

by self-help expert Dr Pam Spurr.

Do you feel quite ‘blue’ during the autumn and winter? Or experience other things like:

  • wanting to curl up and hibernate
  • craving comfort foods
  • craving sweets
  • feeling less energetic
  • finding it hard to sleep
  • or want to nap all day?
  • you might crave cuddles or feel withdrawn from others
  • feeling a bit anxious even though you’re not under any more pressure than usual

…plus a number of other possible symptoms.


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