Sometimes we try to criticise others just to make ourselves look or feel better. Taking someone else down for your benefit is destructive, and makes an enemy when you could be making a friend.

In the end, that hurts you as well. Instead, try to support others in their success – that will lead to more success on your part.

Source: Zen Habits

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  • Criticising Others @ The Dynamic Turnaround

    Excerpt: Criticism rarely helps a situation; when we criticise people they invariably feel miserable and when they are unhappy they are unlikely to lead better lives. If we can avoid criticising others, we should. It is also important to avoid feeling responsible for the way others lead their lives; if you think a friend is too carefree with spending money, it is not necessary to keep criticising them for it. To a large extent, we have to give people the freedom to make their own choices in life. If we constantly criticise others it suggests that we want to direct their lives for them, something we should avoid doing.

Message supplied by: Rich @ Respect Yourself