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do you believe in labels? by ashley rose

Conforming to labels

by Elizabeth @ TeenagersWithExperience

Many labels exist in our world. They can range from the clubs we are a part of to the gender and sexuality we identify with. Some people may choose to conform to labels, others do not. Whilst there are some negative affiliations to do with labels and the stereotype they might bring, giving yourself labels could be a positive thing.


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You have worth

You may see small mistakes as evidence that you’re unworthy. You may interpret your challenges as proof that you’re incompetent. Neither of these things are true, and you don’t have to believe them.


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Happy by Jeroen Werkman

Learn to trust yourself

Self-esteem rises when you know you can trust yourself, when you trust your own instincts and intuition over the ideas of others, and when you’ve proven to yourself that you can face disappointment and frustration without becoming destabilised.


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