Short messages on Self-esteem and body confidence issues from Respect Yourself, the guidance site for young people to help make good decisions in life.

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You have worth

You may see small mistakes as evidence that you’re unworthy. You may interpret your challenges as proof that you’re incompetent. Neither of these things are true, and you don’t have to believe them.


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Learn to trust yourself

Self-esteem rises when you know you can trust yourself, when you trust your own instincts and intuition over the ideas of others, and when you’ve proven to yourself that you can face disappointment and frustration without becoming destabilised.


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Hone your strengths

Cultivate extra self-confidence by choosing one item from your “strengths list” and honing it further until it turns into something you can be even more proud of. Actively direct your attention to creating the kind of experiences you want in life and becoming the person you want to be.


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