Criticising people doesn’t have the effect you may think it does. Over time, you may have noticed that most of the people whose faults you have gone to such trouble to correct have improved much less than you would have expected. Being less critical and focusing on what has gone ‘right’ is far more effective in getting people to improve what they are doing.

Source: The Dynamic Turnaround

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  • Criticising Others @ The Dynamic Turnaround

    Excerpt: At first sight it seems obvious that the way to sort out what’s ‘wrong’ with something that has been done is to focus on the problem and on the person responsible. But in practice, being less critical and focusing more on what has gone ‘right’ is a far more effective way to get people to improve what they are doing. And this is true even when you apply it internally, to yourself. But it’s not a matter of totally disregarding what has gone wrong. It’s a matter of putting the emphasis on what has gone right. And then looking for what can be improved to bring it in line with what has already gone well. This allows people to build on their successes rather than be brought down by their failures. They will then be much more motivated to lift their level of performance generally.

Message supplied by: Rich @ Respect Yourself