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Robin by OCA-Photography

Try birdwatching

You can try birdwatching by hanging a bird feeder outside a window, or if there’s space and you have permission, you could build a small wooden nesting box on a tree or under a windowsill.


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Front light - Wings front and rear by Traveller_40

Look out for wildlife

To help connect with animals, you can watch out for wildlife. If you don’t live near open countryside, try visiting a local park to look for squirrels, fish, insects, ducks and other birds. Visit a local community or city farm and help out by volunteering.


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Skagit County Tulip Festival 2011 by verifex

Help the environment

You can get out into nature and help the environment by going on a litter-picking walk, volunteering for a conservation project, planting helpful seeds such as berry bushes for garden birds or flowers to help bees, or building an animal habitat.


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Think by Mathieu HERVOUET

Stay safe outside

If you’re going out on your own for longer than you usually would, or walking somewhere you don’t know well, plan ahead and keep safety in mind. Let someone know where you’re going and for how long, and take a fully charged ‘phone with you.


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Spend more time outside

If you want to spend more time outside, you can eat a picnic in the garden or a park, watch the stars, let the outdoors inspire you creatively such as drawing or poems, or find things to see and touch, like grass under your feet or the feeling of wind.


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Hiking holiday image by maxmann

Try more outdoor activities

If you want to try more activities outside, you can do geocaching, beachcombing, woodland trails, local walking/rambling groups, or regular exercise such as yoga or jogging in a park.


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Red tulip flowers in the sun image by Oldiefan

Make a garden for your desk

You can use a glass jar to make a mini garden (“terrarium”) for your desk, using plants, soil, stones and anything else you’d like to include. Some people like to add seashells, or plastic toys or figurines.


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Red tulip flowers in the sun image by Oldiefan

Surround yourself with nature

You can take photos of your favourite places in nature to use as backgrounds on a mobile phone or computer screen, or print and put them up on your walls. Try listening to natural sounds, like recordings or apps that play birdsong, ocean waves or rainfall.


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Little desktop nest image by Pamjpat

Bring nature inside

If you want to bring nature inside, you can: buy flowers or potted plants for your home; collect natural materials like leaves, seeds and bark to decorate your living space; arrange a space to sit by a window; grow plants or flowers on windowsills.


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