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Bullying is never to be tolerated, under any circumstances. It takes a better person to support someone being bullied, than to join in with the crowd.


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  • How Can I Help Someone Who’s Being Bullied? @ Kid’s Health

    Excerpt: One of the most helpful things you can do is to try talking to your classmate to see what’s going on. To a person being bullied, just knowing that someone else is supportive and willing to listen can make a big difference. It can also help if you (and your friends too) hang out with her, especially during times that she has problems – like lunch or free time. Bullies often bother people when they’re alone. And having people to hang out with can help your classmate’s confidence.

  • How to Help a Friend Who Is Being Bullied in School @ WikiHow

    Excerpt: Talk to the person (do it with each one alone if there is more than one). Try to stay calm; don’t shout or offend him or her. Just ask why the bullying is happening and ask for it to stop. You may find that some of them are just going along with it in fear of being the bully’s next target. They may be easier to convince to stop – and not only stop, but join a defensive group to help stop the bully from picking on anyone.

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