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Violence against women, we can stop it! by European Parliament

Jodie Marsh was bullied severely when growing up, and contemplated suicide; she now campaigns for anti-bullying programmes. Call HopeLine on UK 0800 068 41 41 for suicide prevention advice.

Source: Jodie Marsh: Some people may hate me but I’m battling the bullies @ Metro


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  • I contemplated suicide loads of times’: Jodie Marsh breaks down on television as she talks of being bullied at school @ Mail Online

    Excerpt: She’s spoken previously about her difficulty when she was bullied during her time at secondary school. But the pain of the bullying is still very raw for Jodie Marsh, who broke down in tears on live television this morning when she recalled she was nearly driven to suicide by the constant teasing at her school. Jodie, who admitted she was ‘terrified’ when girls began kicking footballs at her head, made the admissions ahead of her Channel 5 documentary, Bullied: My Secret Past.

  • Jodie Marsh reveals her school bullying hell @ Parent Dish

    Excerpt: Muscle-bound glamour model Jodie Marsh has revealed how she was mercilessly bullied at school. She said she was so miserable she believed no one would care if she committed suicide. In a documentary ‘Jodie Marsh: Bullied’, the model-turned-bodybuilder said the constant name-calling and abuse about her appearance left her cowering in the library at lunchtime.

Photo: Violence against women, we can stop it! by European Parliament under Creative Commons license