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Create a charter as a school or group to make bullying unacceptable. Define rules and guidelines for how you should all treat each other and work together to make a positive difference everyday.

Source: We’re banding together to beat bullying! @ BeatBullying


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  • About the ‘Defenders’ / Jodie Marsh: Bullied resources @ Channel 5

    Excerpt: However, their efforts are not limited to bullying but extend to improving many aspects of student culture. In the past they have addressed things like improving general kindness, manners, reducing swearing, academics, how substitutes are treated, school pride, conflict resolution, lessons about middle school “drama”, drug awareness, and much more! As “thought leaders” among their peers, this group of students has had a tremendous impact on the culture of our school over the past few years by intentionally redefining what is “cool”. Some tangible results that have occurred in large part because of this group, are significantly reduced bullying behaviors, reduced suspensions, reduced tardies, reduced disciplinary referrals, increased average daily attendance, and increased honor role awardees. This empowered group of students has played a major role in the transformation of WPM in becoming a National Model School and being lauded on multiple news networks.

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