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Never doubt yourself. Doubt is only a thought and feeling. Break through the barrier of doubt to better yourself. Doubts are part of life; act in spite of them.

Source: 20 Ways to Overcome Doubts @ tiny buddha: simple wisdom for complex lives

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  • Why You Should Never Doubt Yourself @ Huffington Post: Healthy Living

    Excerpt: In every moment we have a wonderful opportunity to believe in ourselves by growing in awareness and self-compassion and by discovering that the essence of who we are is not dependent on anything outside of us but is always within. Confidence is not always the opposite of doubt, as it can be superficial and hide a deeper layer of insecurity. In Tibet there is a wonderful word, ding, that means knowing and feeling at home within oneself, comfortable in one’s own skin, and this “at-homeness” really is the opposite of self-doubt.